5 Ways Our Services Can Help You.

You googled “Pilates” and found us, Aligned Pilates, Edmonton’s premier classical Pilates studio. Now where to start, you ask? If you aren’t sure that’s cool, let me share five ways our studio can be of service.

 1. Book a private Pilates lesson.  

A one on one 55-minute lesson guided by our classically trained teachers carried out on Joseph Pilates’ specifically designed apparatus is our specialty at Aligned Pilates.

Even after 18 years of practicing Pilates, I value a private or two a month with mentoring teachers as we work on refining my technique. You are never too good to stop taking privates. 

2. Train in our AP workouts

AP workouts are our most popular service at Aligned Pilates. These independent group workouts are unique, in that four students with varying levels can train together under the guidance of a teacher. 

The energy and supportive community that builds during a 55-minute AP workout is contagious and sweaty! 

3. Join our Return To Life Mat Class.

Mastering Joe Pilates’ mat exercises take a lot of practice. The Return To Life Mat Class is conveniently offered twice a week on Tuesday @ 5:30 pm and Friday @ 9:00 am.

We guarantee that you will experience the mat like the days of Joseph Pilates.

4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Pilates requires practice. Lots of practice. Our online YouTube channel can help you maintain the traction you gain in the studio by practicing along with Carmen in the comfort of your home. 

We create relevant content for the home Pilates practitioner with a new video every week. HIT SUBSCRIBE HERE

5. Stay motivated with a weekly blog post in our Return To Life: Inspired Words 

Each week I blog unique content that can help you stay connected with the Aligned Pilates community and inspired.

If you have questions or ideas, to blog about feel free to shoot an email to carmen@alignedpilates.ca or DM on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Keep moving,


Carmen guiding students during an AP Workout.

Carmen guiding students during an AP Workout.