Will I ever get my Teaser? 

Teaser, like so many other exercises in Joe's repertoire, can leave us wanting; wanting nothing to do with it!

In my experience, these unwanted exercises have changed over the years. Now, even the Teaser is one of my favourites, along with Hundreds, and Tree. For reals! 

How did I find love in learning the Teaser? Or any other exercise that is the ban of my Pilates existence? The answer is not exactly straightforward; instead, it is one of trial and error.

Here's how I finally got my Teaser, and how I continue to love practising my Teaser. 

  1. Practice. Straight Up.

    I don't mean practising the Teaser ad nauseam as we know from Joseph Pilates that's not his thing. Instead, training Pilates 4 times consistently a week will gain the necessary strength and coordination required to do a teaser.

  2. Play Hide And Seek

    Teaser hides in many of our fundamental exercises. The Hundred, Roll up, and Rolling Like A Ball all have elements of the Teaser and learning to execute these exercises well is helpful.

  3. Use His Apparatus

    Joseph Pilates equipment is designed to build our strength, stretch, and control necessary for the Teaser. Investing in learning Joe's whole system will bring us one step closer to the Teaser.

  4. Walk Away

    When the door to open the Teaser seems like a million pounds to push, maybe it's time to focus on another door or exercise. Say, like, refining the Hundreds, playing with a similar movement in Boomerang or working something entirely different like Squats with the Standing Arm Springs.

  5. Give Yourself Some Grace

    There is real freedom in the learning process when I just let go and allow the work to change me. And then, BOOM, one day I do the Teaser, and it's even on the Reformer!

If you are new to Pilates or working towards getting your Teaser, why not check out my Basic Mat Workout on YouTube.

Keep moving,


Julie, our senior teacher at Aligned Pilates practising her Teaser.

Julie, our senior teacher at Aligned Pilates practising her Teaser.