Spring into action!

It's finally spring here in Edmonton! I see many people (myself included) out and about on the trails walking, hiking, running, and biking which feels so great after a long winter. With this short warm season, I also know there is the tendency (myself included) to go a bit overboard in our activities because let's face it, we don't know how long the nice weather will last! Sometimes this can lead to unnecessary injury and actually prevent us from enjoying what we set out to do. I thought I'd share with you what kind of action I take to stay injury-free so my body can thoroughly enjoy each day.

1. I take one private lesson a week with my Pilates teacher(s). This experience helps me to stay on top of my Pilates game and ensures that I will train wisely when I workout on my own.

2. I also participate in other movement modalities like walking or doing some gymnastic/yoga-like stuff. Sometimes I just need to mix it up! 

3. When I need a rest, I will rest. My body is not the only thing that gets tired. Sometimes my whole self just needs some downtime. Honoring the rest rather than pushing myself through another workout is a wiser choice in the long run.

4. When I do start up the summer activities I love such as walking, hiking, and riding my motorbike, I will work into it slowly so as to build up the stamina in the body over time. 

Remember that being injured sucks, so take it easy!

Enjoy the nice weather with meaningful movement experiences.



Paul, Pablo and I enjoying a springtime walk along the Red Deer River.

Paul, Pablo and I enjoying a springtime walk along the Red Deer River.