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6 Things In My Pilates Workout Bag.

You signed up for your first Pilates lesson, and you're wondering what to wear? That's a great question! Training Pilates on the apparatus will dictate some of your training clothes options. Also, how your body regulates while working out, and your comfort level will also help you make those decisions. 

As a Pilates student, I've changed what I prefer to train in over the years. When I first got into it, I thought Lululemon tights and Pilates were synonymous (LOL). As I've progressed in my own Pilates, I prefer to train in "booty" shorts and a sports bra simply because I like to feel my body connecting to the equipment without restriction. 

BUT, if being half-naked isn't your jam here are some suggestions as what to pack or not pack in you Pilates workout bag:

  1. Leave The Runners At Home.

    In some studios, rubberized toe socks are required, at Aligned Pilates, our students are encouraged to train with CLEAN, BARE FEET to connect with the apparatus.

  2. MC Hammer Wants His pants Back.

    Training Pilates in tights is not mandatory. However, form-fitted bottoms will ensure that our clothing will not get caught in the moving parts of the apparatus (If you don't get the MC HAMMER reference, CLICK HERE.)

  3. A Common Sense Top.

    Our limbs need to move without restriction in Pilates. Choices for tops may include; a t-shirt, tank top, sports bra, or even bare-chested for the men like Joe trained in the day.

  4. Pack The 70's Sweatband.

    Flow is vital in Pilates; a hair-tie or sweatband can eliminate the distraction of loose hair. Ideally, our muscles should obey our will, and that includes the temptation of a head and hair flick.

  5. Skip The Body Butter.

    We want to feel the equipment with our body and assist ourselves. There's nothing worse than trying to execute Tree on the Short Box with a cocoa-buttered creamed leg.

  6. A Good Attitude.

    Each training session will be a new experience so packing an attitude of willingness to explore a different way of moving your body is a good idea.

Well there you have it! 6 things to think about before going to your first Pilates lesson. And even if it's your one hundred thousandth lesson, I guarantee #6 is the only absolute you need to pack in your Pilates workout bag. 

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Keep moving,