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My back will ache even though I do Pilates?!

Yes, it's true even my back feels pain as a teacher and practitioner of Pilates. When I can relate those achy feelings with students, their first response is, "but; you do Pilates, it shouldn't ache?"

At this, I get an opportunity to share how life is going for me. 

Things that will come up are quite similar to what they have or are currently experiencing. 

I have a backache because I'm teaching too much. Basically, I’m working too hard.

Many of my students can relate to this. Yes, our jobs require a certain amount of input, and when my back starts to complain, I know that I've pushed myself too far. 

Sometimes my back will ache because I’m a female.

I don't go sharing this with my male clients, but, certainly with my female clients. Our female body is unique as it ties into our center, and so yes, my backaches because I still have somewhat viable female organs and hormones.

My back will be achy because I pushed my body too far in training?

Really? Is this possible? Actually, yes, it is. What I train one day may not be appropriate for another day. So, what's the lesson learned? I need to be more observant and better yet patient with myself. 

My back will ache because I changed the damn bed sheets.

Even a mundane task can still set me off once in a while. Just because I do Pilates doesn't mean I'm infallible to a tweak here or there. 

So what's the solution? Well, if I do some reflection on my past day or week, I can usually figure out what to do next. 

  1. Schedule a more extended break time in between clients.

  2. Be aware of what's going on in my body, and provide it the rest it needs.

  3. Understand that not all Pilates exercises are necessary at any given time.

  4. Let my angel (Candy) who helps me with my bedsheets and among other housekeeping things. Lol.

If you haven't tried Pilates yet and you have a backache check out my YouTube Channel, where I offer tons of Pilates information that may help give you some relief. 

Keep moving,