Bring Carmen To You

Carmen is truly a gifted teacher at heart. Trained as an educator, Carmen has learned the skills necessary for sharing knowledge with others. Over the years as a consistent student of pilates and successful studio owner/teacher, Carmen has come to know her gifts are to share and mentor other practitioners. This passion has grown out of the kindness she has experienced from her many mentoring teachers and learning experiences throughout the years. Carmen also understands the financial commitment required to travel from her remote city to the United States over the last decade and a half. Workshops with Carmen are an opportunity to bring her expertise to the smaller studio communities in Alberta, and neighbouring provinces for half the investment needed to travel abroad. Bring Carmen to you - learn, train and fall back in love with the original work of Joseph Pilates.


*Workshops With Carmen 

Themed workshops will be presented to impart learning through sharing, observation and practice. Workshops are available to all practising pilates students. Each themed workshop is taught from a classical perspective of pilates, however, both contemporary and classically trained students are welcomed. With all workshops there will be a workout which can include a mat or reformer class, and/or open studio workout.  

Host studio apparatus must be in excellent condition. Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Barrels and auxiliary apparatus should be available, however, not necessary to incorporate the system of Joseph Pilates work.


2-Day Workshop

Day 1: Private/Semi-Private Teaching Schedule

  • A 4 to 6 hour teaching schedule for Carmen will be arranged by the host studio. The host studio will be responsible for booking students' private and semi-private lessons.
  • Private Lesson: $78.75. 55 minute lesson.
  • Semi - Private Lesson: $68.75. 55 minute lesson.
  • Payment for lessons will be made to Carmen at time of lesson. 

Day 2: 2 hour Themed Workshop

  • 2 hour Themed Workshop.
  • $60.00 per student. 
  • Includes a 30 minute mat, reformer, or open studio workout.
  • Payment for workshop will be made to Carmen at time of workshop.


1- Day Workshop 

  • 2 hour Themed Workshop. 
  • $60.00 per student.
  • Includes a 30 minute mat, reformer, or open studio workout.
  • Payment for workshop will be made to Carmen at time of workshop.


*2018 Workshop Syllabus

Stayed tuned for the 2018 Workshop Syllabus coming out January 1, 2018. 

Carmen is creating a menu of workshops to choose from that will inspire, challenge and support the new teacher, experienced teacher and the student of pilates. 


For more information about the workshops or Carmen's availability for 2018 please contact us at: