What age group is Pilates for?


Pilates can be beneficial for all ages, fitness levels and body conditions. The work of Joseph Pilates is learned over a period of time. Ultimately, the goal of pilates for anyone is bring balance back into the body. A balance of strength, stretch and control.



What's better, mat or apparatus to learn pilates exercises?


Students of pilates train Joseph Pilates entire system. Workouts on the reformer and mat are to be supplementing with exercises on the auxiliary apparatus which will yield a deeper understanding of Joseph Pilates work.



What should I look for in a Pilates instructor?


Your pilates teacher should be certified in a comprehensive Teacher Training Program. This level of expertise and study is especially important when training on pilates apparatus. 

Your pilates teacher should practice regularly and continue to be a student of the work.



Will I lose weight through Pilates exercises?


Pilates exercises help to strengthen, sculpt and tone the body while building long, lean muscles. The body will tend to look and feel better through continued pilates practice.



Why would I take  privates lessons with a Pilates teacher? 


Privates are an opportunity to work with your teacher one on one, and learn those exercises that are good for your body. Privates should be utilized by both new and seasoned practising students.

All new students to Aligned Pilates Studio are required to take 10 to 20 privates lessons before entering our AP Class. 




What do I wear to Pilates?


In Pilates you will be moving your body.  Tights, mid-calf leggings and/or shorts will ensure your pants will not get caught up in the equipment or cause extra friction. Zippers, sharp buttons or beading on clothes can puncture or damage the upholstery of the apparatus so please be mindful of your chosen attire.

In the days of Joseph Pilates shorts and leotards were worn by his practitioners.