• We have a STRIICT 24 Hour Late Cancellation policy. As busy teachers, our time is important, and so out of respect, even If you think you'll "be better in the morning" it is best to cancel in advance rather than risk the late charge to your account.
  • All Pilates training is to be paid prior to sessions.
  • We accept debit (in-studio prior to class) or e-transfer (prior to class).
  • All private, semi-private and AP Cass spackages must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • All 6 week mat sessions are to be used at once. No refund or extension will be given for missed classes.
  • All pilates packages are non-transferrable to friends or family.

Initial Assessment

  • An initial assessment is your first session at Aligned Pilates.
  • An initial assessment is an opportunity for you to meet the teacher, get acquainted with the studio, and be introduced to classical pilates training.
  • An initial assessment is booked through the studio. Please contact us at alignedpilates@shaw.ca or 780.690.1906.

Private Sessions


  • Private sessions teach you how to train Joseph Pilates' system of exercise on his originally designed apparatus.
  • Private sessions will help you develop the basic foundation of the work and also if you wish to move into AP Classes.
  • Private sessions are a vital part of maintaining a strong practice any level of pilates student. 



AP (Aligned Pilates) Classes

  • AP (Aligned Pilates) Classes are independent group workouts with three students training under the guidance of the teacher.
  • AP Classes are designed to bring independence into the workout.
  • AP Classes are not levelled. All levels of students train together. 
  • AP Class students practice their own workout on reformer, mat, and supplement with auxiliary apparatus.
  • AP Class students enter into AP Classes once clearance has been provided by teacher. 10-20 privates may be required before entrance into an AP Class.

Return To Life Mat Class - 6 Weeks

  • Return To Life Mat Class is for experienced pilates students.
  • Students must have clearance by the teacher to enrol in the class.
  • 5 students. 6 Weeks. $129.00

Introduction To Mat Class - 6 Weeks

  • Introduction Mat Class is for those new to pilates or require specific needs.
  • 5 students. 6 Weeks. $129.00


On-line Private Lesson

  • Internet private lessons are 55 minutes and booked in Mountain Standard Time zone (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).
  • Please be sure to accept the contact alignedpilates in Skype prior to your lesson.
  • To book your on-line lesson contact the studio at alignedpilates@shaw.ca or 780.690.1906. 

Studio Etiquette:

  • Please respect our parking policy. 3 parking stalls in drive-way and parking along 28 Ave only. 
  • Please silence cell phones prior to entering the studio.
  • Your class will begin at the time of scheduled session. Sessions are 55 minutes.
  • Please do dress appropriately. Loose clothing and excessive jewelry are not permitted on the apparatus. 
  • Please come with clean feet as we train in bare feet. 
  • You may store your personal belongings in the cubbies provided.
  • You may bring in a water bottle. Water available on-site and towels are available for training.
  • Please wipe down your equipment immediately and return the apparatus back in original order.
  • Please respect our 24 hour late cancellation policy. We will grant ypu one late cancel during your time at Aligned Pilates.
  • We at Aligned Pilates reserve the right to reschedule any training sessions (classes and privates) and will provide sufficient notice.