Training at Aligned Pilates

Initial Assessment

The first lesson at Aligned Pilates is the Initial Assessment. This is a 55 minute private Pilates lesson that will introduce the student to Pilates using Joseph Pilates’ apparatus. If a student wishes to train at Aligned Pilates private Pilates lessons are required after the initial assessment.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are for new and practising Pilates practitioners. Those new to Pilates will need a minimum of 10 -20 private lessons to learn a basic Pilates program. Once a student feels comfortable and cleared by Carmen training can begin in the independent group AP Workouts.

AP Workouts

Our AP (Aligned Pilates) Workouts are where Aligned Pilates students can really develop their practice of pilates with other fellow practitioners. Under the guidance of a teacher on the floor our students quickly learn the system of Pilates, develop their own flow, and gain a sense of independence in their workout.

The philosophy of Aligned Pilates is to guide people to find Pilates in themselves.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about training at Aligned Pilates.


Carmen Lanteigne