Summary of Qualifications

  • 1992 Bachelor of Education
  • 1995 Diploma in Dental Hygiene
  • 2003 Mat Certification from Physical Mind Institue at Body Harmonics Studio, Toronto
  • 2004 Mat Certification from Body Works Studio, Edmonton
  • 2007 Completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification from Michele Larrson of Core Dynamics Studio, Santa Fe, NM.
  • 2009 October completed the Master’s Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Co.
  • 2012 September enrolled in the Re:AB Pilates Bridge Program in New York.
  • 2017  student of Jay Grimes' THE WORK and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates in Santa Monica, Ca.

About Carmen

Carmen Lanteigne is the owner of Aligned Pilates Studio established in 2007. 

Carmen began her journey in Pilates in 2002 as a student to the mat work.

In December 2007, she received her first Comprehensive Teacher Certification from Core Dynamics Pilates Studio in Santa Fe, under second generation teacher Michele Larrson (first generation Eve Gentry).

In October 2009, Carmen completed the Masters Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO under the mentorship of Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel (trained under Romana Kryzanowska). 

In September 2012, Carmen continued her education under the lineage of Romana Kryzanowska with her teachers Brooke Siler and Cary Regan at Re:AB Pilates Studio in New York City. 

Carmen is presently a student of THE WORK with first generation teacher Jay Grimes and mentoring teacher Sandy Shimoda, owner of Vintage Pilates in Santa Monica.

"I believe the work of Joseph Pilates requires a dedication of practice and with time the body will return itself back to life. It's what I am capable of doing outside the studio in my daily activities that I know this to be true". - Carmen Lanteigne