Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercise that works from a strong middle, long back and supported lower body. These exercises are trained on his apparatus to ensure the body is working towards proper alignment. It is corrective exercise.

The practice of his exercise involves the concentration and coordination of all the body's muscles. A practitioner of Joseph Pilates method will experience a workout that is good for the whole body.

Some benefits of pilates:

  • relief from stress

  • increased energy level

  • heightened body awareness

  • reduced chronic back pain

  • reduced joint impact

  • prevention of injury

  • speedy recovery from both injury and surgery

A diligent practice of pilates can develop physical characteristics such as:

  • a strong torso

  • improved posture and alignment

  • increase stability in the joints

  • improved balance and coordination

  • increased flexibility

  • increased muscular tone and endurance

  • enhanced athletic performance