THE Program

THE NEXT LEVEL has come out of Carmen's many years of study with various teachers and lineages of Joseph Pilates. Over the last decade and some, Carmen has trained specifically with teachers under the lineage of Eve Gentry and Romana Kryzanowska and a recent graduate of the prestigious program THE WORK with 1st generation pilates teacher Jay Grimes. As a student of pilates, Carmen is familiar with the work and energy required to be a successful teacher and life long practitioner of pilates. 

THE NEXT LEVEL is a mentorship-based program. It is designed for those pilates practitioners who are want to deepen their understanding of Joseph Pilates' work. It is an opportunity to be fully immersed in his philosophy and training. 

THE NEXT LEVEL is for those who have already graduated from a full teacher certification program. 

THE NEXT LEVEL is to guide those already practising teachers and long time students, rather than teach the basic foundation of the method. It is by way of consistent training, learning and conversing with Carmen that the student will grow deeper in understanding the brilliant work of Joseph Pilates. 

THE NEXT LEVEL is comprised of 4 modules presented in order to develop the necessary progression of learning for the practitioner. 

THE NEXT LEVEL applicant MUST PASS each module of assessment. A student may require more practice and be asked to wait before assessing. Practice is what will take the student to the next level in the work.

THE NEXT LEVEL will consider an applicant with at least 5 years in the industry. Time spent training with Carmen prior to the application is strongly recommended for consideration.  

THE NEXT LEVEL will accept 1 to 4 students each year.





THE NEXT LEVEL modules will take place 4 times from mid January to mid November. THE NEXT LEVEL schedule will be from mid week to mid week with the Intensive Module weekend in-between. The time of each module will be spent in observation, privates, AP classes, and themed workshops.

THE NEXT LEVEL Intensive Module Weekends (12.0 hours)

Saturday 12:00 - 6:00 pm (1 hour break)

Sunday 10:00 - 4:00 pm (1 hour break)

THE NEXT LEVEL Workshops (2.0 hours)

Workshops will take place on the Friday and Monday of the Intensive Module Weekend. 1:00 - 3:00 pm. 

THE NEXT LEVEL assessments are due 1 month prior to each module. More time may be asked of the practitioner and to wait until the next year's module. 

THE NEXT LEVEL deadline for the reformer assessment is December 1, 2019 for January 2020 application. 


January  - Reformer Module

April - Mat and Auxiliary Apparatus Module

August - Cadillac Module

November - Chairs and Barrels Module


‣$100.00 per assessment (4 module assessments)

‣$1000.00 module includes: 1 Intensive Module weekend, 2 privates, and 2 themed workshops.

‣Prices do not include 5% GST

‣Extra costs will include additional lessons - privates and AP classes. Skype lessons are available to students from out of town. Access to classical apparatus is a requirement.

‣Payment for each module is required one month before the module weekend. 

"Learn, train, and fall back in love with the original work of Joseph Pilates".

-Carmen Lanteigne.


For more information about THE NEXT LEVEL please contact:

Carmen Lanteigne